Clove Oil as Home Remedy for Acne

On November 14, 2010, in Acne Treatments, by admin

Clove oil as home acne remedyWe all want our skin clean. But it’s not such an easy task. Quite often acne treatment is a rather complex process conducted by an expert.

As a rule, only the dermatologist or beautician can properly find the cause and help you get rid of acne. The doctor will conduct restorative and cleaning procedures for your skin, give you drugs to restores hormonal balance. He will also apply cleaning face masks. After all it seems that you can’t deal with acne on your own, but always turn to an expert, who always know what to do and gas all the stuff.

But it’s not necessarily so. For example, one of great home remedies for acne is clove oil. This essential oil is safe and can be bought over the counter in every drug store. The main component of clove oil is eugenol, which is an effective natural antiseptic and anesthetic. Because it takes a long time to evaporate, clove oil is applied topically to treat acne and other skin disease such as rashes, scabies, lice, and other parasites. Moreover, as a painkiller, it is a perfect for toothache relief at home. It is also used as a home remedy for bronchitis and sore throat.

Thus, clove oil is one of the best home remedies for acne and not only and every home medicine chest should always have a place for it.

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